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2nd Age

And UWODB Forum is open to you.

I don't want to be a spoiler :( but some info of this website is advanced and not applied yet on GAMA.

mois said:
Correction for:
Quest: E. Mer. Mediator: Delivery request, yet again (5 stars)
1. Talk to merchant mediator at stockholm
2. Go to walter at st. petersburg palace
3. Go to docks
4. Talk to people at the harbour
5. Go to palace

Daniel said:
In the large open area in the south

Daniel said:
From the large boulder in the west, go east 110m, then south 26m. this will put you in almost the center of the map, near the angle of the 2 cliffs.

BalticWolf said:
New price is 47.5k in British Isles.

Daniel said:
Yes, the giant dead tree in map directions refers to the Mt. Emei entrance.

benjy20 said:
WTB One :3

Curious said:
It's poisonous, not poisionous.

jafar said:
private farm can produce Bark too

Curious said:
Anyone got stats on this?

Nekos said:
The moa is next to large boulder

DBravo said:

Auderlois said:
Special order light oar + High quality rigging -> Rowing Assistance
Lead shell + Metal work -> Heavy bombing
Modified Heavy Gun Port + Admiral's cabin + Munitions chambers -> Improved gun port
Set of repair tools + Metal work -> Bullet-proof armouring
Special high explosives + Metal work -> Special smoke bomb
Anti-skid rope + Hull Bulkhead Plating -> Watertight Bulkhead
Munitions chambers + Special Ship Hold -> Training bomb

Guilder said:
No problem, it's happened to all of us at some point. Welcome to the UWO Database, and thanks for your contributions to it -- they're much appreciated.

Daniel said:
apologies for the multiple small updates, i'm just learning to update these, because someone needs to enter the new info from gran atlas, and the wonderful people who did all the work in the past seem to no longer be playing.

Nekos said:
1st theres no light to locate the position to complete the quest. It appear if you use surveying.

The location is letter T, from giant dead tree, go down, until the path that goes to the table boulder

Battousai said:
The best place to get 14th title is at S.Petersburg, but you need to have discovered Xanadu.

Tini555 said:
Hi Destry1
Thanks for replying... I think I must of gone to the wrong landmark, when I tried - D'oh!
Oh well back I go with a couple of quests in hand :-)
Thanks again.

Destry1 said:
If you have discovered Xanadu, then you should still be able to enter at any time. Without the title you will not be able to buy much from the item shop or access the recipes.

There are still many quests that give the C.14th title, try to look in Amsterdam, London or St. Petersburg.

Juicebox said:
This Book has a New Recipe Called:

Fish and Meat Soup: Needs 1x Ham, 1x Spear Squid, 1x Oyster

And it makes a Dish Called:

Spanish Fish Soup which is +50 Fleet Vigor/Fatigue Food COOL! ^_^

Tini555 said:
I have discovered Xanadu - since lost my 14th title - unable to use great adv job as not level 76 adventurer...
Can anyone tell me of a 14th century quest I can do (& where from) to re-access xanadu - as cant get past the boulder as no title.

Chapter 2.

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