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2nd Age

And UWODB Forum is open to you.

I don't want to be a spoiler :( but some info of this website is advanced and not applied yet on GAMA.

BIakeC said:
Not until Gran Atlas Chapter 3, when west coast of North America and the port of San Francisco will be unlocked (only place where you can build it). Going by the updates, I would expect Chapter 3 to be out by this October. Also It will require 60k development in SF to build one, so it wont be available to build right away.

ThatOneGuy said:
Well, we ain't had Gran Atlas Chapter 3 released so far, and San Francisco won't be in the game until then, so... I'm gonna say, not yet!

Sailor said:
Is it possible to build this ship yet?

Marc said:
A Great Comet in the Ancient Times

I got it from Seville

Marc said:
A Great Comet in the Ancient Times

I got it from Seville

Egw said:
Arriving at Truth was the final outcome, which looks like the historical outcome, which in turn I hope will move the world clock forward in September getting us out of the 15th century finally! (not that it matters so much :-))

Increased amounts of precious stones in West Africa means it might be a good chance for anybody who wants to grind jewellery trading around Sao Tome / Luanda etc (instead of burning rare and expensive PO4s in Pegu) to consider doing it during the next couple of weeks for slightly better results.

Guilder said:
I did a little digging, and found that Felt requires "6.94M 7.68M ultra following the development of 77k". Make of that what you will.

Source: gvo.gamedb.info/wiki/?Town/SaintPetersburg

Guilder said:
Back before we had an idea of what made the St.P City Official give you extra storage/finesse slots, I plunked 10m down to see if that would help (it didn't). Egw's directions show Felt as lit up; I've been to St.P in person and seen/purchased the Felt just fine. I'm guessing you need to invest a bit more in town, rokr.

Edit: I should clarify and say, you don't probably need 10m total investment to make Felt appear. I expect the required amount is much lower. Maybe use Egw's directions to check after each investment in town from the Official, then post the magic number here when you find it? Cheers, and great voyaging to you.

Egw said:
If you go Journal -> Charts -> Northern Europe -> Baltic Sea -> Details -> St Petersburg -> Trade Goods Information, does felt appear as solid or faded out? If faded and you click on it, does it give any information?

When I do it, it's faded and on the right it says Insufficient Investment, which makes sense because I think I've only invested once or twice there.

rokr said:
btw actual development: 73170

rokr said:
I have invested 5m and this wasn't even on the market... why?

Nekos said:
Is at NE from the entrance, closer to the upturned boulder closer to the entrance
74.844 D
x9 Chinese Paintings
x1 Indian Calico Shawl
x1 Dull cutlass

Guilder said:
And it's used in quite a few Russian sewing recipes, IIRC. Glad to hear we no longer need to rely on rare NE Passage shipwreck drops and/or 100k bazaar prices for this particular trade good.

Egw said:
According to the in-game chart info, it's a russian speciality.

Visitor said:
This is now available from St. Petersburg's market keeper. The city's current development is 72903.

SethAlec said:
It is actually very close to Oslo and the North Sea Juteland Penisula

ThatOneGuy said:
A friend caught one just outside the Amazon Upstream landin' with R7+1 fishing!

Guilder said:
This map discovery unlocks access to a multi-part Quest Chain, beginning with:


ReaD said:
from [DBLINK:85000029]
this building give +1 to production skill while in colony including Shipbuilding

mois said:
What does this building exactly do and how does it work ?

Chapter 2.

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