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Guilder said:
Speaking as an adventurer who loathes trading, and only mildly enjoys battling -- more than that, as a person who hates MMOs and avoids them like the plague -- ESBTs not only help newer players get started, but also make this incredibly niche, not to mention confusing and sometimes complicated game, seem much more approachable. I supported myself largely by selling tickets, and was able to buy gear for adventuring, as well as later being able to help my friends when they started playing at my suggestion. People can decry them all they want, but I feel they are one of the few things helping to keep UWO afloat.

Anyway, since this isn't a forum, I choose to say no more, other than this: UWO is meant to be a wide open sandbox for people to play as they see fit. I won't look down on maritimers and traders for doing what they love; consider doing likewise for folks that choose to use ESBTs. Cheers, all, and have a wonderful time playing, however you opt to do so.

Guilder said:
These hideous, unmanly unisex hats are available from the latest mystery bottle update. I bought one from a bazaar in Seville for 50mil, so keep your eyes open, and you might just find one for that price as well.

BLUE said:
Sold 1.2b

Sgt said:
WTB one SgtlCava_RO_ pm

Laurencio said:
personally i dont think ESBT is bad , its just the people over-use it in anything , but if we remove the ESBT , how many people will be playing ? we're not talking about thousands , we are talking about major problem here , maybe adver and traders will stay , but then what is the point of just getting rich ? when u get rich and most of new maritimer quit because they dont have the money source to continue thier way to fame , they're too lazy to trade , u wont have any challenger , eventually u'll get bored and quit.
Then we left with a bunch of kids , adving (no offense , im an adver too) no more trade or maritime

GeneralOnX said:
Exactly Guilder. :) The update for Gran Atlas will not be, in my guess, until 2015-16 because GAMA gets their patches from Korea, in which their server doesn't have GA on yet, and we still need to add all of the other chapters in a respectful manner. I just wish for this idea of removing ESBT to stop, because it will never happen.


ReaD said:
Investigate - north Europe poison snakes

hope mod read this.. :D and will delete this command...too

NerdyVerni said:
Nicely done :D

Guilder said:
For those curious, Bartandelus was kind enough to post info on the the OGP forum concerning a future expansion called Gran Atlas (last I checked, no word on when GA's coming out, but we can expect sometime after 2nd Age's updates are finished). The General was referring to this item:

"When a dungeon is accessed by using an ESBT, the dungeon will drop less trade goods. The amount reduced it based on how far the dungeon is from the city you are using the ESBT from"

So, there you have it. I'd suggest checking the entire post, as it's got quite a lot more info. Thanks for presenting your view in such a balanced and polite manner just the same, Alvaro. It's a refreshing change of pace. Safe journeys to you, and cheers.

Yukihisa said:
Broadside 4 still?

Guilder said:
Heh. I like to clean up comments that aren't needed any more. My typo alert is one of those.

Wen zhi said:
...... oh god , i believe i have met you Alvaro , and u seems nice , but please bring it on forum next time :)

AdmiralAza said:
- 103rd sw
- 6 star r7 arch
- 26 swmp
- 1083, 328 (South of Athens near the port)
- Marble Sculputre
- Admirals Sword
- swmp
- Seal of Undine

GeneralOnX said:
Stop getting your knickers in a twist. The ESBT will stay until Gran Atlas, when ESBT will become worthless. Stop ranting about it and GET BACK TO WORK!

Shinee said:
WTS CLMS 6/6 +11 Tr, +20 WR, 891 Cargo max sails.

PM with offer. Thanks.

willygrinz said:

Alvaro808 said:
My few cents on ESBT's.....

The (still ongoing) debate over the ESBT's reflects a larger debate within the community about how players should be playing Uncharted Waters Online.

Of course, KOEI develops this game and OGPlanet runs this game, so it's really up to both groups to decide how players should be playing this game. Recently, I've noticed that OGPlanet in particular (and unlike Netmarble) seems to be taking a more active interest in UWO and our community. The new contents in the astro shop, for example, may end up re-orienting UWO towards a more "pay-2-win" model, especially for new players who don't want to spend days/weeks/months (or even years) grinding their way to new places.

In any case, while I personally don't care how players choose to play Uncharted Waters Online, it seems that there's enough people on GAMA server who feel that ESBTS should be removed, or at least severely restricted. The problem I have with these complaints, however, is how this will affect newer players who are struggling to catch-up to players who have been playing for years and have amassed billions of ducats (and who can therefore afford to buy stuff in the player bazaar and company shops). Perhaps OGPlanet may rectify this problem by encouraging new players to spend real cash on "catch-up" consumable items in the astro shop. But as long as players continue to sell everything and anything in this game at relatively high prices, this is going to force the newer guys who want to buy good (and at times necessary) items in the bazaar to either farm syracuse dungeon for ESBTs, go to the astro shop, or face long and eventually tiring periods of grinding skills and levels.

In short, ESBTs pose a dilemma for the server - or at least for Koei/OGPlanet - because while removing or limiting them MAY (and this is really iffy in my opinion) re-balance the game economy, keeping them allows newer players to compete at a more-or-less equal level with guys who have been playing UWO since 2010. And while there are many players who favor a UWO community that's solely committed to sailing and trading rather than dungeon-ing, not every player shares this sentiment. Based on the recent updates to the game, I'm guessing that OGPlanet is trying to reach out to the widest number of players who are even remotely interested in this game.

.....Anyways, just my few cents on this subject. =D

Nekos said:
You can buy iron ore too

Nekos said:
The resident is the one next to the market keeper

tare said:
It is tradeable.

Hans said:
ty , guilder , and why ? no reason to do that :P

Sgt said:
its same ARmoured vais 8/8
but AV is more good then MA

David said:
750M if u are looking for 1

BLUE said:

BLUE said:
aint seen anybody selling openly my price is 1b leave ign here ill pm through the list when i log in tomorrow

ReaD said:
up to 6 and can go to 8 with colony addition

Luizao said:
hw many improve?

BLUE said:
PC on this Please?

BLUE said:
PC on CCC ticket Please?

BLUE said:
PC on ACC ticet please?


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