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2nd Age

And UWODB Forum is open to you.

I don't want to be a spoiler :( but some info of this website is advanced and not applied yet on GAMA.

Donce said:
My friend sold one for 90 mil very quickly, the other for 100 mil also very fast. So i think they are worth more. If you have time to shout you can try to get more :) But 100 mil is easy sell :)

Guilder said:
Hmm. There is one more Astronomy boosting item, apparently:

探求者のパンジャ ("Seeker of Panja" - google translation)
Equip Slot: Hand
Astronomy +2
Archaeology +1
Theology +1
5k fame to equip

One source says it's from the "10th Anniversary Box" of UWO available in Asia:


But I also see a screenshot showing it from a shipwreck from the White Sea:


Either way, we probably won't see this available in GAMA for quite some time.

Guilder said:
Well, the ones you're talking about -- [DBLINK:00331105] -- are pretty rare finds from Lima's hidden treasure rooms, and the only +1 Unlock hand gear in the game. I don't know what price they go for, but they are pretty valuable.

Guilder said:
These can be sometimes be very rarely found in Lima's hidden passages. At the very least, two friends of mine got 3x each, after finishing off a "doom room" (the kind with lots of high level enemies) on the middle floor.

B-P said:
how much this item sells for now days ?

Bryan1 said:
I have a pair of these. They are (70/70 Dura, 5 Disguise, 6 Defense, +1 Throwing, +1 Unlock) Req Adv Job+ 3k fame.. What do they sell for? I haven't seen many for sale. Ty

Guilder said:
This 5-star ornament can be made at Calicut's sculptor for "305.1K" ducats.

Source: gvo.gamedb.info/wiki/?Apartment/Ornaments

Guilder said:
The 5-star [DBLINK:02332980] ornament can be made at Calicut's sculptor for "305.1K" ducats.

Source: gvo.gamedb.info/wiki/?Apartment/Ornaments

Iden said:
Last guy was a troll no ship, still looking offering good ducats for one modded or unmodded. Pm IdenLeis

BIakeC said:
The rewards list I posted earlier was taken from the Japanese wiki, so it appears the rewards were [unfortunately] changed for us on GAMA.

Ici said:
discovery is near diagonal boulder, nw of entrance

Iden said:
Still looking if anyone has one for sale.

Iden said:
Dont see it nessage IdenLeis im on now

Auderlois said:
type: armed merchant ship

Iden said:
Whats your ign ill be on in 10 minutes or so

A.Marshall said:
WTT AFCV G3 High Speed Battle ship max dura max sails cannon +11ts +20 wr +18 armour holy roman empire G1 WMB fussion G3 armour improve for AFCV ?/6+ducats not asking for much pmme if you have or leave ign

Auderlois said:
material: festive metal (pink)

Guilder said:
Were you in a fleet, Dvc80? Most Historical events go by much quicker if you're fleeted with others, or so it seems.

As for the rewards, BlakeC's list is accurate for the pay-for Asian servers; I wondered if they might have changed the items for GAMA. Additionally, the final reward chest is another one of those 'random drop' items, so you can either get something very valuable from it, or end up with plain old junk.

DarthDread said:
if you only took few minutes to check cities that sell artwork you'd figure out where to grind this easy: Marseille-Genoa-Pisa-Naples all have artwork for sale

Dvc80 said:
inside the chest just 10 Renegotiation demand's
seems like waste of time :(

Chapter 2.

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