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2nd Age

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I don't want to be a spoiler :( but some info of this website is advanced and not applied yet on GAMA.

UWONaviGPS (Navi-Eg.zip 4th chapter)
I'm looking for a server that located in America. It will be a way to increase the loading speed of this website.

Warbride said:
Since you're not the only person in this discussion, tsunamid, we're not required to only mention things that you might care about. Yes, the RLS is faster but so is the CHC. For different reasons, neither affect the price of an MLS. All I'm saying is 6b is a low offer and there's no need to sell for that price unless you are desperate for cash. Most MLSs sold for that price will probably be resold.

DiNozzo said:
I just overlooked that. Thanks, tsunamid.

Im a bit surprised to know 6 bil is not a ridiculous offer as I havent followed the market lately.
The price level looks decreasing more rapidly than I expected.

Euron said:
Get out of the land where you are using procurement skill and reset to the closest port. Go back and start over. You will gain adventure experience again.

Wystein said:
There is no remedy. There is also nothing wrong. You can continue to use the skill, find goods, gain skill prof etc. The only thing that changes is that you no longer gain adventure xp when finding goods. This is just a way to prevent people from sitting afk and picking up adventure levels without actually doing anything.

Almeida said:
While using Procurement (R5) I got a message "You have become tired from using a skill. You will no longer gain adventure experience." I still had vigor and cargo space. What is the remedy?

ThatOneGuy said:
So, eh, what exactly does this do? Will my aide be invincible, or will their cannonfire do extra damage to enemy ships, or what?

tsunamid said:
blablabla is this ship in server? yes; it's faster than the MLS? yes; all those other things that I did not ask, or even mentioned, do not care about

Almeida said:
found at the lone cedar in North Oslo with Procurement R5

Tonics said:
WTS MTeaC 7/7 g1
-max sails
-max turn
-max wave
-G1 -> speed up 1

PM me ign

james said:
R9+2 caught

Warbride said:
And merc chat pc is more like 7-9b. People who don't bottle, think that just because a ship is currently in bottle, the price should be lower. Let them wait a month and then they can buy it for 7-9 if they prefer. The last MLS I sold went for 10b and nothing has changed in that time to make them any less desirable.

Yes, it can be argued that a CHC has a higher top speed, but it has the weakness of all clippers that are horizontal heavy. Put it in a headwind and an MLS will fly past it. There are no clippers in game right now that match the versatility of the speedy schooners.

Warbride said:
The RLS hasn't been in bottle yet. It has only been available once as a reward for buying a huge number of bottles. I've only seen one so far and there might be a couple more out there. That small number of ships has no effect on the price of MLS, which is still, realistically, the fastest schooner most people can get their hands on.

tsunamid said:
DiNozzo should't be faster this one? [DBLINK:50000576]

trdlo said:
WTS G3 (speedup1,2) 8/8 MLS Celeb Panel, maxed sails, turn, wave,-25% Cargo, 3 skills EA WRM HL, +BONUS 6x Improved full rigged sail +26 +30 -1 , 2x ILES +20, idn: trader100 (presentation in Seville) or email to: mls.sellship@gmail.com

Guilder said:
I'm pretty sure you can only earn one set of rewards (treasure box included) once per historical event.

mois said:
Are you allowed to repeatedly farm the Treasure Box of Courage for every 500 deeds ?

BIakeC said:
I dont think plunder rank has any effect on it. I fleeted up with another member who had plunder skill (I dont), and I got more deeds and goods then he did. It appears to be based on that the quicker you kill the NPC, the more likely you are to be awarded with deeds and goods. I mostly got Mccts myself. They also drop a lot of SWMPs if you have the shipwreck hunter title.

As for lvl 70 NPCs, one good area I found they tend to spawn at is by the Lone Ceder tree in the western part of the Bay of Biscay South Coast area.

BIakeC said:
Camo hold protects about 1/3rd of your cargo hold whereas Improved Hold protects ALL of your cargo.

Curious said:
So if this and Camo Hold will always work against plunder and PO's now only work on NPCs, that makes this and Camo hold a little OP, doesn't it? Also, if that's the case, what would be the difference between this and Camo Hold anyway?

Destry1 said:
Someone just suggested that plunder rank might affect the drops (and therefore the deeds gained). Anyone found something like that?

Chapter 2.

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