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2nd Age

And UWODB Forum is open to you.

I don't want to be a spoiler :( but some info of this website is advanced and not applied yet on GAMA.

Destry1 said:
Also sells in Cochin with 16C4P title

Nekos said:
Next to stacked boulders

Nekos said:
At top left area corner

Nekos said:
At the intersection above the middle pointed boulder

Nekos said:
Near pointed boulder in the middle

Nekos said:
At the curve between the ruins and the red flowers

Nekos said:
At corner top left

Nekos said:
Close to red flowers

Nekos said:
Next to giant dead tree

Nekos said:
At little north from the 2 islands above jakarta

Nekos said:
Near ruins

Nekos said:
The maps still bugged, dont show a yellow marker
If you put surveying, you can see the yellow mark at the map, stay in the middle of the mar in the map, and use ecological research

Nekos said:
Near red flowers

Nekos said:
Before the giant dead tree

Visitor said:
This item gives +1 Tactics, +1 Leadership, and requires 3000 fame to equip.

Guilder said:
Nope. I now think we'll probably get an announcement when the new MA collections for St. Petersburg, Port Royal, and Xanadu are finally put in the game.

Small update: I should clarify that I haven't tried making any of the above recipes since the last patch was released.

Nekos said:
At the bottom of the map

Nekos said:
In front of the entrance

Nekos said:
At the bottom of the map

Nekos said:
Next to upturned boulder in the middle

Chapter 2.

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