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Guilder said:
I've seen at least two players wearing this in-game. I'm guessing it's a reward for backing a winning Holy Roman Emperor?

charise said:
hihihi i sell this holy roman paneled 3/6 pm me ingame thanks ^^ IGN: charise

Donce said:
You get them from r12 recognition r12 unlock map in Baltic sea, north if Riga. Not all maps give greaves. I got 7 greaves from 13 maps.

Donce said:
you can get [DBLINK:00002406] from it for Memorial album.

I got armour from the 2nd chest. My friend got armour from 10th chest - so the chance is high :)

Donce said:
want to sell 18 of these chests @20 mil each, pm me if interested.

Guilder said:
I recently got this from Local Pirates A, just outside of Seville. On deck battling a single LPA with r2+1 plunder, I received 1 ex-velvet... half an hour (and many local pirates later), I got a second velvet, in the exact same way. Seemed like a really rare drop, but if you only need a few and don't feel like heading out to Savaii (or lack a Savaii farm entirely), it's not a bad way of getting them.

Guilder said:
According to JPwiki's table of pet foods, the Tortoiseshell cat pet will accept this food, but [DBLINK:01506012] is its favorite/preferred pet food.

Crumbleton said:
Anything BESIDES Macaroni penguin eat this?

Luizao said:
las palmas

Luizao said:
jaffa, salonika

Luizao said:

Luizao said:
jaffa, hormuz, goa, calicut, jamaica

ReaD said:
hull is drop from Kemal Reis(which is not white one i guess)
and...if you login the game..it will state when will the world clock change in the chatbox...just scroll a bit before...

ReaD said:
here is another 1....source from japan wiki


ReaD said:
here is the list....the list is source from jap wiki
*fly away*
Purchase order(category 1,3,4)10

Junchul said:
how can u tell ?

123456 said:
World Clock's Gonna change in a few days more , so ganador will be change to , it means the hull can be obtain by ganador Kemal Reis .

tare said:
Trayvon posted and BaseLine replied. Two different person ?

Sanco said:
two trolls... according jap. wiki, there are no forging tools in spring event

tare said:
Trayvon posted and BaseLine replied. Two different person ?

Me said:
From which ticket were these obtained, the Anniversary Ticket. or the Voyagers Ticket(No. 2)? Or is this simply a troll to either A)-get players to open Tickets(to what end i can't say), or B)-re-open the controversy surrounding these things again. My views on these can be found in the OGP forum.

IGN: CullumStraun aka The White Tiger, Director - new_world_company, Lisbon

tare said:
Also given during the Spring Event 2014 :S .

Wave said:
WTB 6/6 Venetian Galleass Need High Dura Pm me Waverne10

tare said:
Spring Event 14 - 10x Landmark ribbon, 1x Navy dispatch request.

minerguy1 said:
WTS MspecF just out of ticket 2b PM or leave mail ty

BaseLine said:
From ticket

tare said:
Are they from tickets from the event or as a reward directly due to Spring Power ?

Trayvon said:
I got 5 of these from the Spring event

Donce said:
got 5 of these from Spring event.

tare said:
Spring Spirit Event (After delivery of items to Azores) you get 2x tix - 15x RIBs, 4 silver tarots.


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