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2nd Age

And UWODB Forum is open to you.

I don't want to be a spoiler :( but some info of this website is advanced and not applied yet on GAMA.

DiNozzo said:
In spite of nerf, E.A. dungeons are still the fastest way for most players to make money.
As lvl cap was lifted, many players have rushed to grinding trade lvl again.
So, demand for ESBT has not decreased much.

Guilder said:
I have visited Port Royal, and found none of the new battle aides available for hire at the barkeep. In fact, the Aide hiring button is completely absent. Either we'll have them added in later, or... we'll see, I suppose.

BIakeC said:
Prices take time to go down. It doesn't happen overnight. IMO though they shouldn't be anymore then 400-300k, much less 700k.

Guilder said:
Give it time. Not everybody's heard about the recent dungeon drop nerf, and not all sellers will want to change their prices at the drop of a hat.

Mini-me said:
Why are there still bazaars with ESBT for 700k+ per, and more importantly, WHY are there players buying them at those ridiculously overinflated prices?!

MarcoPiolo said:
Lf shadow hind Gama server pm MarcoPiolo or VascodeSgama thx

Curious said:
Is this aide out now?

Curious said:
So far, all of the little model ship ornaments have only been obtainable through means of Astros. At least on GAMA.

Vallersmid said:
Is it avaliable only from Treasure Box or can be made??

benjy20 said:
Land Battle item?
More Atk power?

Donce said:
Yes, looks like these ones :)

Shijila said:
it also has on middle floor: Nishijin Fabric, japanese books, japanese katana, ancient defence strategem
and as endloot: Soba

Curious said:
Except for PO2's... at least for now.

BIakeC said:
I wouldn't mind the nerfing of trade goods as much if they didn't apply the same for especially PO's. Their hard enough to get as it is!

BIakeC said:
It's not that Gobelin Tapestry's are bad, it's just that backstock rates for fabrics in general are high in most EA ports that it's hard to find to good rate for them. It seems Hangzhou is the best EA port so far for fabrics, with Busan, Sakai, and Edo coming in a close second to trade for them. Surprisingly enough, it's not Gobelin Tapestry's (or any other fabric from the Europe), that get the best rates, but homegrown ones from EA such as Chinese Rugs, Japanese Brocade, etc. Go figure that out!

Guilder said:
At least three new memorial albums should have been added as of Gran Atlas chapter 1, related to era-specific production recipes (sewing I know for certain; handicrafts/casting may also be involved) found in Xanadu, Port Royal, and St. Petersburg. The albums in question, and their reward items, can be previewed here:


Title 182
Curious said:
(° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Title 182
Guilder said:
For those who may be curio... uh, wondering, the translated text I've looked at suggests "The Keeper of Secrets" is acquired after finding and clearing 10 hidden passage rooms.

Guilder said:
These ones, by any chance?


Donce said:
Found Adventurer's shoes in hidden passage.
Adventure-type job only

Chapter 2.

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